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    Ewanda M

    Dr. Brourman is the best in hand surgery. Carpel Tunnel, Trigger Thumb, Ulnar Nerve Entrapment. His surgery had lasted over 18 years without any reoccurring issues. You cannot see my surgery in all but the ulnar nerve but with that, I do not have raised scar tissues protruding outside my elbow. He's very thorough, you can ask many questions but he gives you in detail, the problem, the resolution, and you decide on the surgery. Thank you Dr. Brourman for working with me.
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    Verified Patient

    Dr. Brourman is a great orthopedic surgeon. This is a busy office but his staff is always polite and helpful. I had two surgeries and he took good care of me! He is not one to spend a lot of time with the patient, but your medical needs will be met under his care.